Create Canvas Prints on Zazzle

Tens of thousands of buyers buy canvas prints online year after year. If you call yourself an artist, it is easy to earn additional income by designing personalizable canvas prints at For each canvas print that you are able to sell, you can make any amount from ten to ninety nine per cent in earned royalties. Creating designs online on Zazzle is super easy, & what’s even better, it is free!! You have to have a Zazzle account if you want to sell your products, so you may want to join beforehand, then refer to the instructions listed here to learn how to make canvas prints.

1. When you first enter the create tool for photos on canvas, you will be shown a pop-up window asking you to upload your visuals and/or written message. If you already have images prepared, you’ll be able to upload it/them now, otherwise press ‘cancel’ and you can include your graphics later. (If you are a Zazzle Seller, be sure to try out the bulk image uploader , which allows you to add quite a lot of graphics to your account at one time.)

2. Before you add any design to your creation, you will want to select your preferred color, style & size. This way, you will possess an accurate understanding of what your final product will appear. Any time you wish to adjust the alignment of your design, simply click on the chosen controls inside the “Customize It!” segment of the create page.

3. Now that you’ve setup your blank canvas print, it’s time to add a design. Just click on ‘add images’ to upload your photos or other visuals. After the photos are loaded into the design tool, you will be able to manage the size & placement of your photo using the controls on the left-hand side of the page. In the instance that you wish to make any extra alterations to your product, you can do that now by simply clicking on the ‘Edit’ arrow. If you have more than one picture , you can control how each element layered with the “Arrange” arrow. In the case you have decided to use a dark color background, and you would like to make the white background of your image clear, simply click on the small gear sicon and choose ‘show whites in image as transparent’.

4. Once you have added your images/background, you can also include your special message. Zazzle has dozens of free fonts to pick from. Simply click on ‘Add Text’ and enter your words. You can write as much text as you like, so don’t be worried about making it all fit into one box. To pick the typeface , simply select the text box and then click on the elegant ‘f’ in the design tool. You can also change the font color, size, and orientation.

5. If you’re a Seller, you may want to make your canvas design into an easy to customize template, so that customers can use their own personal pictures or text instead of yours. To do this, click the text/image that you wish to make customizable, click the gear icon, and then press ‘make this a template object’. If you don’t want customers to be able to change your typeface styles, uncheck “allow editing on product page”. If you would like the wording to be changeable, but you don’t want it to be moved from its placement, click “Lock object”. This way, you can be certain that all of the design elements stay in their desired place.

6. Once you’ve placed all of your photographs and text, your design is ready to be manufactured. You can either place an order for it for yourself, or click on ‘Post for Sale’ and everyone hunting for canvas designs will come across your merchandise. Should you choose to post your product up for sale, you’ll want to give it an effective title and 5-6 suitable tags to help customers find it. Once you have set your royalty rate and clicked ‘Post It!’ you will be able to get paid for every sale of your design.